Electric Boilers Edinburgh

Whether in rural areas, new housing projects, multi-floor dwellings or one of the 2 million plus homes in Britain with no mains gas supply, electric boilers offer the comfort and convenience of a wet central heating and hot water supply, wherever there is mains electricity.

A major advantage of an electric boiler is that no flue is required. This saves on installation costs and is ideal for multi storey dwellings. With no flue, heat is not lost up the chimney. As a result electric boilers typically run at 99% efficiency.

In addition, there are no worries about gas leaks, carbon monoxide fumes, ventilation issues, problems with pilot lights or other issues common to oil and gas boilers. Electric boilers are not reliant on elements within the boiler moving to generate heat which means that they are very quiet when in use. They also include an onboard microchip control system to regulate the output water temperature and to provide power modulation for maximum efficiency at minimum running cost.

Another advantage over other types of boilers is that they do not need regular servicing. Much like other electrical appliances in your home there's no real need to service them unless you have a particular concern about their performance.

If you have an older boiler system and you are looking to upgrade, or you are in the midst of a new build project, electric boilers are a great way to provide hot water and heat in a cost effective and efficient manner.