Electrical Rewires Edinburgh

Typically an electrical installation can last for fifty years if installed to a good standard, and maintained properly throughout its lifetime. Unfortunately fifty years ago a single socket outlet per room was considered adequate, thus most properties in Edinburgh have been adjusted over time to meet today's electrical needs. Deciding whether there is a requirement to carry out a partial or full rewire on your property involves examining both the standard of the existing workmanship, and whether the electrical installation is currently meeting the demands placed upon it.

If you have just bought a property, or are thinking of redecorating it is important to know early on if any rewiring work will be necessary. It can be disruptive to the fabric and decor of the building and so is best completed before any re-plastering or redecorating work takes place.

AEF Electrical have completed numerous full and partial rewires in a wide range of property types throughout Edinburgh and its surrounding area. Our knowledge and expertise on building constructions typical to the Edinburgh local allow us to determine the least invasive and most cost effective solution for each property that we rewire. We carry out detailed consultations prior to quoting and undertaking the work to ensure that each client's requirements are fully addressed, from the most basic, cost effective solution through to high end, state of the art electrical installations.